Highlights Fall 2018

Cover Photo Credit: Athens Head Start explores “A Story of Flying.” Our staff visited their classroom the week before their museum trip to talk about the exhibition and do a pre-visit studio activity which was completed in the KMA studio after experiencing the galleries.

Ohio University and Vinton High School students got creative in the galleries as they focused on the art of collaboration to create a temporary work of art from a basket of recycled materials. Check out all the different interpretations of the same materials!

Sarah, Jess and Rachel sport new footwear as they set off to search for a bit of building history in the unrenovated floors.

Visiting artist Kate Kern was onsite for two pre-exhibit workshops in conjunction with the Passion Works 20th anniversary exhibition.

Tom O’Grady, director of the Southeast Ohio History Center, presented a lecture on the architects of the asylum.

Passion Works founder and director Patty Mitchell moderated a panel discussion in the exhibition galleries.

Our staff had the opportunity to work with Passion Works artists Noah Hogan and Troy Goins in planning our October Art Encounters open studio for families.

Vinton County High School students experience the video installations “Border Crossing” and “Nothing to Declare” by Dictaphone Group.

Vinton County High School juniors and seniors studying Spanish came with their teacher Gildy Smith to experience an exhibition tour in Spanish. The collaborative art making activity was a perfect vehicle for practicing their Spanish. This is an ongoing partnership with Gildy and her students each year in Spanish III and IV.

Nothing to Declare video installation by Dictaphone Group (part of the exhibition Border Crossing). Image by DJKing.

Visitors’ writing from the installation “Nothing to Declare” by Dictaphone Group.

Tania El Khoury in conversation with Courtney Kessel during the run of the exhibition Border Crossing. Image detail by DJKing

Dr. Ziad Abu-Rish’s lecture Explaining Differences Across the Arab Uprisings initiated a new 2018-2019 museum discussion series around the Middle East and North Africa.