Acquisition Spotlight: Blindfold

Recently, the Kennedy Museum of Art added a few new pieces to our collection. One of these pieces was Blindfold, by photographer Lissa Rivera. This image was highlighted in our recent exhibition Gesture of the Still Image, a selection of photographs from collections chosen for their portrayal of the human body in a moment of movement and/or emotion stilled by the artist.

Expansions: Women Artists in the Collections 

The selected pieces within this KMA Picks Project takes a closer look at a selection of women artists already within our collections. Each of these women are creating art with different media but create works that deal with texture and movement in their own ways. Focusing on pieces that expand on traditional art making techniques such as print making, ceramics and oil painting, and expanding on our knowledge of women within the art world is the goal of this exhibition.

Alumni Spotlight: Kent Michael Smith

Our final Alumni Spotlight for this semester is Kent Michael Smith. Kent is both a successful artist and museum director. He gives great insight on the importance of museums as an educational tool. Museums have a great influence on our communities and play a big role in exposing a wide range of people to a variety of different forms of representation.

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