Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Grabner

Sarah Grabner is an alum who only recently has moved on from her time in Athens. She was a member of the Kennedy team for many years and helped in some of the major projects that helped get the museum to where it is today. Now she works at the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts. Sarah is a great example of how years of hard work can get you into a career you love!

Transitional Shapes, Traditional Functions 

There’s a theory that in early human evolution, it wasn’t the spear that came first, but the vessel (Le Guin). How can you store or carry hunted meat without a sling or a bag? Even before that, how can you carry water, berries, or children? Regardless of timing, throughout human history we have always needed to contain things. One of the most common ways, to this day, to carry or contain our food and possessions is through ceramics.

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