Spring 2022 Highlights

We started off the semester with a seamless transition in our communications position, as Addy O’Rourke took over from Grace Kriger, and Emily Van Meter joined us as Outreach Programs Assistant. Both Addy and Emily brought their own energy and style to our Museum Experiences Team, fitting into the wonderful mix that is a cross-disciplinary group of talented students working together to achieve common goals.

The semester also ushered in great conversations in the galleries with OHIO classes from Theater, Arts Administration, and Visual Communications, and a return visit with members of our community from the Rural Women’s Recovery Center.

Rebecca VerNooy’s Acting Studio class in the Visual Literacy Gallery with Registrar Lisa Quinn

In February Athens celebrated our own representation in the Superbowl…

The Art History Methods class met in the collections vaults, facilitated by Registrar Lisa Quinn.

Dr. Andrea Frohne and Art History Methods class visit the collections vaults.

Speaking of the experiences Lisa facilitates at the Museum, we are so lucky to have her continued expertise in facilitating both virtual and in-person Visual Thinking Strategies sessions.

Lisa Kinnard’s Integrated Curriculum in Early Childhood Education class engages in a Visual Thinking Strategies session
with Lisa Quinn. By April masks were optional!

Weather played havoc on the second Expressive Puppet and Articulation workshop originally scheduled for early February, as we all got iced-in that weekend, but David Russell graciously rescheduled it with those who could attend later in the month.

Expressive Puppet and Articulation Workshop in late February.

We had the pleasure of meeting early in the semester with the Learning Advocacy group from the 2021-2022 Museum Studies cohort as they formulated their plans for the Connections, Remembered exhibition (on view at KMA through Sept. 4, 2022).

Early planning stages…

In their last semester with KMA, our wonderful Graduate Assistants Kelly Hanning and Marissa Stewart got both the KMA Family Open Studio and the Roundtable programs up and running in-person, facilitating face-to-face experiences in both the studio and galleries. By the end of the semester we were able to make masks optional!

KMA Family Open Studio
KMA Family Open Studio
Marissa Stewart leads a Roundtable discussion in the Representation of Women in KMA Collections exhibition.
New gallery stools were funded by the Friends of Kennedy Museum.

Kelly and Marissa also continued to facilitate gallery discussions throughout the semester with OHIO classes and High School students.

Kelly Hanning leads an OHIO class visit in an exhibition tour.
Marissa Stewart leads a discussion during a HIgh School visit.

In spring, the Museum Experiences crew assisted with the installation of Navajo weavings from the Southwest Native American Collection and saw their earlier work come to fruition as they engaged in converting the 2020-2021 online project Representation of Women in KMA Collections into a 2022 physical gallery installation. Kudos to the entire team from the last two years for all their work on this project.

Installing NIGHT SKIES: Navajo Textiles Depicting Sandpaintings (on view through December 4, 2022).
Representation of Women in KMA Collections (on view through December 4, 2022).

We also helped with the Museum Studies exhibition Connections, Remembered.

Addy O’Rourke assists Ed Pauley with hanging a quilt in the Museum Studies exhibition, as Kelly and Marissa supervise :-).
(on view through Sept. 4, 2022)

And finally, we continued to welcome the K-12 community back into our galleries this Spring!

Carrie Summerford with Lancaster HIgh School students.
Emily Van Meter with Lancaster High School students.
Tristen Luken with Lancaster High School students.
Cerrdiwyn Kuykendall with Logan-Hocking Middle School students.
Coolville Elementary
Coolville Elementary
Alexander Elementary
Sally with Alexander Elementary 4th graders in NIGHT SKIES: Navajo Textiles Depicting Sandpaintings
(on view through December 4, 2022).
Jen Cantu (volunteer and Friends of KMA Board Member) in the weavings storage vault
with Logan-Hocking Middle School students.
Logan-Hocking students visit the OHIO Museum Complex Outdoor Museum.
Logan-Hocking Middle School on the front steps.

At the end of the semester we congratulated both Marissa and Kelly on their MFAs and bid them, as well as Carrie and Addy, farewell as they pursue new projects and adventures. Tristen, Emily, and I look forward to welcoming new team members in the fall.

The Museum is open this summer so stop in for a visit!