July 7, 2017

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art & Museum of Natural and Cultural History, University of Oregon

The education staff just returned from beautiful Eugene, Oregon where we attended the annual conference of the Association of Academic Museums and Galleries. The theme this year was “Why Museums Matter: The Teaching Museum Today” and Lisa and I would concur that it was a whirlwind of sessions packed with fruitful discussions on museum experiences that are part of universities. Sessions dealing with language class visits, community partners and student-curated exhibitions were enhanced by the overall assertion of academic museums as incubators for research and innovation. In addition, we were treated to events at the University of Oregon’s two museums, pictured above. We came home feeling that, while we have much work to do at Ohio University’s Kennedy Museum of Art, we are on the right track with our colleagues across the nation. If you have not yet seen this year’s exhibition curated by the students in the 2016-2017 Museum Studies Certificate Program, come visit!

Sally Delgado, Curator of Education


May 17, 2017

Old ballroom space newly exposed and ready for renovation…

As Summer sessions begin we shift our focus to “behind the scenes”  and try to catch our breath from installing two new exhibitions, wrapping up the fourth year of teaching in the Museum Studies Certificate Program, and hosting the last school visit of over 100 fourth graders from Alexander Elementary. Stop by and see highlights from the collection of Navajo weavings in the exhibition RECOUNTAL, and objects from collections across campus and across town in Merging Concepts III.

And, speaking of merging concepts, we are “fired up” with a glimpse into new possibilities for KMA spaces as we witness the demolition of walls in what used to be the old ballroom of the fantastic building we inhabit. The future of this museum is tied to a desire to be transdisciplinary (not multi, or inter, or even cross- ….) – but trans: stay tuned!

Sally Delgado, Curator of Education


May 12, 2017

I decided last semester to start a blog for “museum experiences at KMA,” having no experience as a blogger… It seemed a way to bridge the gap between our somewhat static website and our somewhat sporadic Facebook activity. There were a multitude of really interesting cross-disciplinary activities taking place within the museum’s galleries and these activities were short-lived and then no one knew anything about them because we forgot to document how interesting our museum experiences can be. And then Dr. Ashwini Ganeshan, from the Department of Modern Languages, asked me how she could share through KMA the great writing her students produced in Spanish as they discussed which artworks inspired them in the galleries.

In addition to those writings, our Museum Experiences Blog has started out as more of a picture and video blog of the semester’s events. Things like the student trombone players who embodied sound in an exhibition that until that moment had been more about the visual, or the documentation of a sculpture that until that moment had been a static museum object, being “performed” as it left the building. Browse through our initial efforts at documentation of recent events from Spring 2017 and visit our Summer exhibitions!

Sally Delgado, Curator of Education