Virtual Museum Experiences

Museums around the world are encouraging us, now more than ever, to visit them virtually. We asked our student interns to take advantage of this opportunity and select an online museum experience that they are drawn to, encouraged by, or just enjoy.

Carrie Summerford is our Outreach Programs Assistant through the PACE program.
“Hello! My name is Carrie Summerford, and I’m a sophomore Spanish major in Honors Tutorial College. I wanted to share the Museo del Prado because, as someone who engages in Spanish, art, and history, this collection is an expansive source for all of those things, and a useful resource to anyone interested in any combination of them! (Available in  English and Spanish).”

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Sarah Melaragno is a Senior majoring in Interactive Multimedia, and is our Education Communications Assistant through the PACE program.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s #MetKids online map and “time machine” have made virtually exploring art more fun than ever. The interactive map shows the museum in a style reminiscent of “Where’s Waldo?” books, and the “time machine” allows you to explore the museum’s art based on time period, location, and concept. This site is a wonderful example of the amazing things that can happen when technology and museums merge!


Rachel Broughton is a Senior majoring in Anthropology, and is our Academic Programs Assistant through the PACE program.
I love the Cleveland Museum of Art’s online collection, it is really easy to use and you can also zoom, and see alternate views of the piece. It also gives you great information about the work. You can browse the collection by artist or keyword, and for me this platform gives lots of inspiration for creative at-home activities!

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Jessica Minarchek is our Spanish Language Programs Assistant through the PACE program.
My name is Jessica Minarchek and I am finishing up my 5th year at Ohio University. I am double majoring in Spanish and Spanish Education. I chose a virtual exhibition through the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum since I am familiar with Spanish art. This exhibit takes famous artworks and turns them into beautiful gowns and other dress wear. It ties the idea that fashion and design can easily resemble wonderful pieces of art.

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E’Lizia Perry is part of our Visitor Services Team and is a first year student majoring in Studio Art.
With unique and interesting online exhibits the Cincinnati Art Museum provides an informative walk through some of their collections. I have chosen this museum because of all those I researched, it is the museum I have frequented most over the years and the one I still want to share. With Google Arts and Culture there is access to many more items in their online collections.

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